John Endlich, Sr. Area Director

John Endlich

John utilizes his strategic planning and leadership skills to help build up the kingdom of God in the Metro DC area. He enjoys discipling and evangelizing, and feels his extensive business background can help others excel in their professional, personal, and spiritutual lives.













James Whitley, Area Director

James Whitley

James E. Whitley III was born in Washington DC. From a very early age James always had a love and appreciation for the arts. Originally, he wanted to become a comic book artist and James’ early years were spent drawing and coming up with worlds of action and fantasy.

When James was fourteen he discovered martial arts. After studying for only a short he was promoted to be an assistant instructor before the age of sixteen. After seeing how much martial arts impacted his life, James dedicated himself to furthering his skills by practicing four to six hours a day and teaching others. James is an International Kung Fu Grand Champion in forms, fighting and weapons. Over the years he has been honored to teach and demonstrate for thousands and tour internationally. James has studied martial arts for over twenty years and has been featured in prominent media outlets including: Kung Fu Magazine, Inside Kung Fu and New Martial Hero Magazine.

In 2007 fellow CBMC staff member Philippe Prosper shared the gospel with James and he gave his life to Christ. Since then he has dedicated his life to use his love for the arts to shine a light for the gospel. James has a heart and passion to see people grow spiritually and come to a saving a knowledge of Jesus Christ.

In addition to his passion for martial arts, James has also been acting since the age of 14 when he starred in his first short film. Since then he has been acting in various projects and worked as the Children's Ministry Large Group Director at Mclean Bible Church where he acted, directed, wrote scripts, and trained and developed actors. He has worked as an actor in the Mid-Atlantic region starring in various roles and has showcased his art in various venues and shows. James married the love of his life in 2011 and now has three daughters and a son.

James began working for CBMC in 2014 and since then continues to leverage his creative talents to share the gospel in the arts & entertainment industry and disciples men to leverage their gifts to do the same in their desired field.



Philippe Prosper, Area Director

Philippe Prosper

Philippe Prosper joined the DC Metro CBMC staff eight years ago to do full time ministry and spiritual coaching to business men in the marketplace. In the last eight years, Philippe also held leadership positions with McLean Bible Church as an evangelism pastor and worked in the secular arts and entertainment industry in various capacities.

Before being on staff with CBMC, Philippe was an international martial arts grand-champion and full time actor and model. Over the last few years, alongside the CBMC, DC leadership team, Philippe and his ministry partner James Whitley successfully combined their passion for ministry and the arts.

Philippe and James are impacting the local secular arts arena by leveraging their gifts to serve the arts community while sharing Christ in the areas of film, rap, fight choreography and fine arts. Philippe has been featured for his music, martial arts ability, and more by many national and international magazines, local radio shows, SXSW, and independent martial arts films. Alongside his ministry partner James, Philippe also worked at local comic cons and art conventions where they not only share the Gospel with other artists and attendees, but also their own fine art to share the Gospel and Biblical messages in relatable ways.

Philippe's passion in life is Christ, walking with Him and sharing Him, and disciplining others to do the same. He has a beautiful wife of eight years and two wonderful children with one more on the way.